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Saturday, 31 July 2010

Story of River Fish, Part II: Kemunting Lake View Restaurant

In further part from Sg. Kob, the Kemunting Lake View Restaurant is 'floating' on the lake whereby they're specialising in river fish as well. I love the natural scenery that I've while enjoying my farewell meal here but it's a little shaky being floating on the lake...
I prefer Kemunting Lake View Restaurant as they've more choices of dishes here. The most favourite of mine is always the 3-Flavours 'Jin Feng' fish. The thick sauce is not only sweet and sour but with a little spiciness to stimulate my tongue. I'm not yet an expert to guess the ingredients inside the sauce, but the aroma is very nice and it's very appetising.

As usual, our next dish is always the Fried 'Patin' fish in Soy Sauce. The size of the Patin fish is smaller here and thus the meat is not too thick and not so oily. Some people will prefer the more oily Patin fish as that is the specialty of this fish. Patin fish in soy sauce is somehow a quite standard cooking method to hide the natural, strong soil taste of this fish. Here comes our 3rd character, the Steamed 'Pak Sukong' fish. This is plain steaming with garlic and soy sauce. The soil taste is covered by the saltiness of the soy sauce and with the aroma of the garlic.
Here in Kemunting Lake View Restaurant, they do serve some special dishes like frog, deer or ostrich meat as well. We've ordered the Fried Ostrich meat with Ginger and Green Onions. I've to admit that I like the ginger taste but the ostrich meat is a little over-cooked whereby it turns out to be more chewy. However, the meat is somehow more tender and juicy than chicken.

We've too much meaty orders. Followed is our healthy vegetable meals of Fried Potato Leaves, Fried Cabbage and also the Fried Bean Sprouts. I don't think if I should classify the dishes as healthy because there have been too much oil inside the vegetable. It'll definitely be a better choice if the chef can reduce the oil consumption while frying the vegetable.

My personal preference in river fish is at Kemunting Lake View Restaurant as the dishes here are heavier in taste. It's easier for me, a non-river fish lover to accept the flavours here. It's kind of depending of your tongue to choose the suitable river fish for yourself.
Bear in mind, the river fish in Kulim opens only at daytime because the area is not equipped with electricity. There's no light at the night time ;)


  1. I enjoyed reading your food experience, but where is this place? Could you please include where the restaurant is located & what country? I presume the place is either in Malaysia or Singapore. It would be helpful to your reader if you put the complete address. Terimah Kasih!

  2. Sorry for late reply... Here you go:
    Plot 1635,Jalan Simen,
    Kampung Kemunting,
    Dusun Karangan,
    09700 Kulim,Kedah.
    Tel: 044056046/0174057551/0194721183
    Business Hours: 11am to 8pm (Closed on Wednesday)

    Noted for next blog ;)