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Monday, 21 June 2010

Story of Cake, Part II: Ritz Cakes and Pastry

Ritz Cakes and Pastry is another familiar name for Penangites for its delicious cakes. Their top selling is the most famous Tiramisu and Green Tea Cheesecake; customers come here for them and grab the orders in minutes.

It's my unlucky day by 12pm when the shopkeeper tells me that both the Tiramisu and Green Tea Cheesecakes are out of order; it does break my heart. Anyway, not to get myself empty handed, I've decided to try out their Marble Cheesecake and the Chocolate Nuts... If I recall the name correctly :o

My personal and truly opinion, I love the Marble Cheesecake so much. The cheesecake in Ritz Cakes and Pastry is very soft and with the strong aroma of the cheese, it gives me an impression that the cheesecake will be very heavy in taste and too greasy. But, guess what, the cheesecake is just soft enough to melt immediately in my mouth, releasing the aroma of cheese yet it's not too cheesy to burden my appetite. The cheesecake is very light, is it because they reduce the usage of flour? Well, the only fact I know is the deliciousness of the Marble Cheesecake.
We choose the Chocolate Nuts just because my Boyboy and I like the chewiness of different nuts. The same wondering to me is the light weight of this Chocolate Nuts cake. It's very soft, just alike sponge cake and the cake layers are stacked by the mixture of chocolate creams and nuts. Additionally, chopped nuts with stripes of chocolate paste are used as toppings. The taste of the cake is just nice without being too sweet.

It's the 100% satisfaction for the deliciousness of the cakes in Ritz cakes and Pastry. The only regret to me is that 'I should have bought more instead of 2 slices only' and 'I should have arrived earlier to get the Tiramisu and Green Tea Cheesecake'. I do really expect on the taste of the cakes and I'll sure re-visit here...

Ritz Cakes and Pastry has only one shop in Penang and it's located at Medan Fettes, just opposite the Island Plaza... Location Map

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