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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

'Lok Lok', shall I call it as Steamboat on Bamboo Stick?

'Lok Lok' is just alike a type of steamboat, except the variety types of ingredients are cooked in boiling water on bamboo sticks and to be dipped in different kinds of sauces instead of to be eaten with soup. Alternatively, the food on bamboo sticks is nice to be deep-fried as well.

'New Corner Lok Lok'天天新乐乐 is located at the end corner of Chai Leng Park food street. There's a variety of ingredients for your choices; range from sausages, fish balls, crab filaments, till vegetables, mushrooms and even seafood. You can find cuttle fish, clam, octopus and sometimes mantis prawn here and they're all well preserved in a very fresh condition. The most specialty that I like the Lok Lok here is on the different types of sauces. Six... they've 6 sauces that you can dip in; the sweet dark sauce, the mild spicy sambal chili, the chopped onions and lemongrass in sweet and sour sauce, the hot cili padi, the salty shrimp paste and the popular satay sauce. Irregardless if you like sweet, spicy or salty, they've all the flavours to fulfill your appetite.

I always like to get ready my favourite ingredients while waiting for the water to boil. To my Boyboy whom is a fried food lover, he'll never miss to pick some ingredients for frying. The one important observation that I like about the fried Lok Lok here is they're not so oily as other stalls whereby the owner will ensure the excessive oil is dripped on the oil-absorbing paper.

Ooppss... another point before I forget; if you're unsure the sauce to choose from, you can always ask the boss to mix it for you. I don't know the exact portion of each sauces, but it tastes special when they're all mixed together. It's another wonderful journey for your tongue ;)

There's a wide selection of food stalls that you can find at Chai Leng Park food street. I personally like this Lok Lok stall for their fresh ingredients and sauces.

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