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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Annabelle's Place for an English Afternoon Teatime

What is my impression towards a cup of English afternoon tea? I always relate it to the combinations of being elegant, gentle and polite; sitting down relaxingly for a sip of my favourite tea, surrounded by the nature of greens and beautiful flowers.

Annabelle's Place; a nice place not only to dine-in for a meal but they also specialize in desserts and the English afternoon tea. Viewing from outside, the restaurant is a mini garden; the green-leafy plants climb along the wall and the white-painted frame, the flowers' decoration hanging on the wall, surrounded are the white metal chairs and glass tables with the flowery table clothes and there's small cute statues of a farmer with his hoe and the farm-lady with her flower basket.
I like the homely and cozy environment with the dim lighting inside Annabelle's Place. At the center of the restaurant, there's a preparation counter that is made from brick wall. I personally like the dwarf that is rowing a boat with a 'welcome' engraving on it. This restaurant is simple yet elegant. You can find a lot of traditional elements inside the restaurant; the monochromatic paintings, the wooden wine storage box, the clock or the luggage case.

It's hungry now, so let's talk about what we'll eat...As we're quite full after the breakfast, thus I've ordered a Windsor Tea Set for one person that comes with a choice of tea; English Breakfast, Earl Grey or Darjeeling tea. Per recommendation by the waitress, I've selected the English Breakfast tea which is stronger in the aroma and taste. The Windsor Tea Set for one person costs RM 17.90 and it consists of scone, walnut chocolate cake, strawberry vanilla cake, sandwiches and some fruit. The dough skin of the scone is a little crispy while the inner is still very soft and it goes very well with the whipped cream and raspberry sauce. I enjoy the scone with the nice aroma of my English tea, but my Boyboy hates that the scone is sticking at his teeth. I love the walnut chocolate cake and the strawberry vanilla cake as they're just too tasty. The rich walnuts, the strawberry slices that are layered in between the stack and the taste is just perfect without being too sweet. The sandwiches come in two flavours; the tuna and the cinnamon raisin with Kraft cheese. I think the cinnamon raisin sandwich is special as it's a little sour from the raisin, bit sweetness and aroma from the cinnamon powder and some saltiness from the cheese; three types of flavours in my mouth at the same time and they're just perfectly matched.Source from Wikipedia: Scone is a small British quick bread (or cake if recipe includes sugar) of Scottish origin.

My Boyboy asks for an Iced Peach tea that is served in a 'shoe'. Well, it's actually a shoe-shaped glass. Besides, always a must to order, the mushroom soup. The soup is dark that I think the chef must have blended some of the black button mushroom into it. There's a lot of chopped mushroom that I can really chew in my mouth; not too bad except that it's just too salty. My Boyboy and I agree that this is a nice soup but we prefer if the saltiness is reduced. The tea and soup costs RM3.50 and RM7 respectively.

It's a disappointment as they don't serve their famous dessert, Tiramisu for that day. Anyway, I've ordered another specialty, the Creme Burlee that costs RM9.90 each. The egg custard is very soft and smooth that every spoon melts just immediately when I put it into my mouth. If you ask me, I'll say that it's worth to spend on this small cup and it's a must-try.

I've a wonderful time at Annabelle's Place. It's really a nice place to relax and sit down for a meal, a cup of tea, a dessert or some light snacks. I'll definitely will come back to taste the Tiramisu and I'm expecting the deliciousness...

Annabelle's Place is near to the TAR college in Penang. The address is as below:

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