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Friday, 11 June 2010

Mille Crepe, the creations of 'Humble Beginnings'

Mille Crepe, it's a French Cake whereby 'Mille' means 'Thousand'. As its name, the layers of crepes are stacked together with the combination of fresh cream and vanilla custard between each layer.
Humble Beginnings is proudly presenting their essential creations of Mille Crepe with a large variety of flavours to choose from. Every Mille Crepe is hand-made and hand-layered to give the utmost satisfaction of deliciousness. As the first-time customer, I'm recommended with the French Vanilla taste. Cutting into the cake, you can find the layer by layer of crepes with the richful cream in between. Every single bites is a complicated feeling of crepe and cream in a thousand layers, never ending... As they're using fresh cream in between the thin crepes and with the perfect blend of sweetness, I don't find the taste to be too creamy or too full. Another specialty from Humble Beginnings is; the topmost layer of the Mille Crepe is caramelized to give it a sugary flavour.

Humble Beginnings serves only Delivery and/or Pick-Up Point service. Firstly, you've to pre-order your Mille Crepe through their website. Then, you can choose either to be delivered to your doorstep or self pick-up at designated locations.

Mille Crepe is just perfect for a teatime dessert. At Humble Beginnings, it's the exploration of tasty journey into the world of Mille Crepe.

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