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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Story of Cake, Part I: Jenni Homemade Cakes and Bakery

Homemade cakes and bakery has been the choice for Penangites, for the selection of cakes during festive seasons, occasions or celebrations. People prefer homemade cakes for less preservatives, large variety and the unbeatable deliciousness of the cakes.

A familiar name to local Penangites is the Jenni Homemade Cakes and Bakery. The main shop is located at Cantonment Street while the branch is at Bayan Lepas area, in the housing estate opposite the Sunshine Square. As the name, they're specialising and selling cakes such as cheesecake, moist cake, sponge cake, layer cake and also some cookies. If to narrow down into each category, they've different flavours that you can choose from; for instance bake cheese, chocolate cheese, Belgium chocolate cake, chocolate moist cake etc. As a customer, you can buy the cakes in a whole or by quarter but they don't entertain 'purchase in slices'.

My first visit to Jenni Homemade Cakes and Bakery is full with surprise and confusion; surprise with the crowd in the small shop as Cantonment Street is a narrow street with very limited parking spaces and confuse with the plenty choices that 'which cake that I should buy'. I've chosen the Bake Cheese, Chocolate Cheese, Chocolate Moist and Green Pandan Kaya, all with quarter each.
The Bake Cheese here is more cheesy and it's softer comparing to any cheesecakes outside. This is what I call it as pure and original cheesecake as the aroma of the cheese is strong and I do really feel how the cheese is melting in my mouth. For the Chocolate Cheese, there're layers of chocolate cakes in between the cheese, making it tastes more creamy instead of cheesy. It's even softer that it'll just melt smoothly in your mouth. To me, the chocolate flavour is a little bit too light that I taste more cream but it does lessen the heaviness of cheese in my stomach.

My favourite is the Chocolate Moist Cake. From outside, the cake is dark in colour and it's purely thick cholocate paste, chocolate cream and chocolate cake only. But, The chef has smartly used the bitterness of cocoa to balance the sweetness of the chocolate, making it a non-heavy taste. I personally not so like the Pandan Kaya cake as the aroma of the pandan is not strong that it doesn't stimulate my appetite and the texture of the pandan cake is a little very rough.

In overall, Jenni Homemade Cakes and Bakery provides an alternative to more delicious cakes with pure ingredients. My personal opinion, they serve better quality and tastier cakes here.

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