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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Enjoying the Breakfast at the Wurm Backery

On the way from Sünching to Regensburg, we've enjoyed our journey through the nice scenery of the big farms and greenish fields. This bakery stands up outstandingly among the village houses at the Geisling. It's called the Wurm Stadtbäcker or the "wormy city baker". We've decided to stop by for a breakfast before continuing our drive into the town.

Attila has taken the Salami Baguette and a Pretzel while I've decided to go for the Kornspitz. The Baguette is filled with thin slices of dried pork sausage, just a nice portion of protein for Attila. Pretzel is the ribbon-shaped bread that is brownish at the outer layer and it's then topped with the salt granules. Kornspitz is a multigrain bread that is hard and you need definitely your strong teeth to chew it thoroughly.
I like the idea that the tea is served together with a hourglass. You can know the exact minutes that the tea bag should stay inside the cup of hot water. Nothing special to be talked about my cup of black coffee, it's quite thin indeed.

They're serving moderate breakfast here. The taste wise and the price range are considered in the normal range. We've indulged into the quietness and peacefulness of the surrounding. I've enjoyed the photo snapping activity around this area, capturing down the photographs of the beautiful flowers that have bloomed during the Summer time.

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