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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Leberkäse... I just Can't Resist the Temptation!

Leberkäse is a specialty that can only be found at the Southern of Germany. I can never resist the temptation towards this delicious meat loaf. It's made of the blended beef together with the pork and being seasoned with spices, that is then baked as the bread loaf. The warm Leberkäse is a common snack to-go that can be easily purchased at most of the bakeries or from any food stall that is located inside the grocery market and by the street.

Attila has promised me a delicious Leberkäse that I'll never regret... We've visited the small butchery market that is located in front of the Pension Deutsch or Gasthof Deutsch that is located at the Neutraubling by Regensburg. We've ordered the Leberkäse Semmel that is a meat loaf bun. According to Attila, the meat loaf is handmade by the butchery master here whereby I find that the Leberkäse is very special with the plenty of holes and circular lines. The Leberkäse is very tender and juicy while the senf has added a slight spiciness to enhance the deliciousness of this sliced meat loaf. I'm completely indulged into the tastiness of the Leberkäse that I wish to have another slice of meat loaf only with senf.

I'm yet to find a delicious Leberkäse in Penang. This is the reason that I've always wanted to try a piece of Leberkäse, at least for once whenever I'm in Germany. 

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