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Sunday, 4 October 2015

A Re-visit that Has Never Been Disappointed... at the L'Osteria

It has always been my favourite Italian restaurant and I've wanted to show it to my loved one for at least once, we've finally made it to the L'Osteria at the Watmarkt, Regensburg.

I've decided to take the Risotto Funghi Giuliacci that is the special-of-the-day. The nose supersedes the mouth that I smell first the nice aroma of the rosemary. The pork meat is very succulent and it tastes superb being marinated with some special herbs and spices. Another specialty is the Pfifferling Fungus that has a strong taste yet it matches the meat and the rice completely. The risotto is indeed exceeding my acceptance level of saltiness but I just can't resist the temptation that I've finished the whole plate of rice in full satisfaction.
(Source from Wikipedia for Pfifferling: Chanterelle)

Attila has taken a Salami Pizza. The thin pizza is delicious except that the edge of the dough is slightly too dry.

Ending our meal with a Tiramisu, the Mascarpone Cream is too liquid that this dessert looks and tastes very soggy. Anyway, the taste of the Tiramisu is actually quite authentic or "correct".

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