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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Seafood at the Northeastern

Purchasing the voucher on livingsocial, we girls have decided to try out the Northeastern Seafood Chinese Cuisine東北海鮮館 that is located at Tanjung Bungah. This is a new restaurant that has been opened for quite some time yet we've never stopped by to now.

We're firstly served with the Superior Seafood Soup海鲜羹. The soup looks and tastes alike the traditional shark-fin soup except that it's filled with a lot of Tofu. With or without the black vinegar, the broth is quite tasty though it's not my favourite. The meaty courses are the Pan Fried Talapia Fish with Soy Sauce干煎金凤鱼 and the Pork Ribs长寿骨. The fish is very crispy at the outer skin while the meat is still juicy and being seasoned with the salty soy sauce, we all love this dish so much. The pork ribs are just too fatty whereby my piece of rib is only fat that is without lean meat. It's kind of disappointing as the sauce is actually very appetising.

The next dishes are the Salad Prawns沙律炸虾球 and the Crispy Tofu香脆豆腐. Both of the prawns and Tofu have been coated with a thick layer of flour that I dislike it, despite the crispiness. The last dish is the Stir Fried Spinach清炒香波菜, plain yet healthy.

The voucher comes also with a dessert, the Chilled Longan with Mango Pudding龙眼布丁. I've not touched the dessert as I hate the artificial taste of mango.

The 7-courses meal cost us a total of RM 68. It's cheap and we've really enjoyed some of the dishes. Anyway, the combinations are quite "dry" whereby we don't have much sauces to go with the rice.

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