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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Eat the Burger at the Fat Boy's

Touching down in Kuala Lumpur, we're heading to the Fat Boy's The Burger Bar that is located at Jalan Dutamas for our lunch and dinner. Su has always been fancy about burgers while I've never been to the restaurant before, thus here we are!
We're so hungry that we've decided to share the Chili Cheese Fries as appetiser. It's a plate of Fries that are topped with homemade chili queso or the minced beef meat sauce and then being drizzled with extra cheese sauce. It's really filling and sinful yet the platter is so delicious that I can't stop my hand and mouth!

We've taken the Wimpy with the choice of pork patty, the Bolly Wolly or the lamb patty, the Pirates of the Caribbacon or the combination of pork and beef patty and the Holy Caesar or the grilled chicken. The Wimpy is so-called the best-seller burger that you can choose for pork, beef or lamb patty. The pork patty is tender yet the taste is quite okay only. I personally think that the seasoning or marination is not sufficient to bring out the saltiness or tastiness of the meat. The lamb patty is too smelly that it tastes quite awful and oppositely, I like indeed the mixture of beef and pork as the patty is juicy and delicious. The thinly sliced pork that has been fried to an even golden brownish colour, it's as crispy as a cracker! The Holy Caesar is indeed the grilled chicken that is sandwiched with Caesar Salad and being topped with Parmesan Cheese. The grilled chicken tastes quite ordinary and I'm actually more surprised by the idea of combining the Caesar Salad into the making of a burger.

I don't really think that Fat Boy's has made marvellous burgers that have impressed myself. They've a wide range of menu and I like their creativity in the naming of the burgers, but I'm a little disappointed by their service here.

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