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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The Hill Station... at the "Highland" of Sapa

Lao Cai is located at the outskirt of Vietnam whereby it's about 305km from Hanoi. The journey with the night train takes us about 9 to 10hours, depending on the speed of the train and the stopover time that has been wasted at each station. The train is equipped with the bedrooms that the passengers can sleep throughout the night. Well, we're of course unable to sleep tightly due to the swings and noises!

Looking for a cup of coffee to wake myself up, we're attracted by "The Hill Station" that looks indeed quite elegant from outside. The wooden pillars and the rectangular bricks that have made up the big wall, they're a piece of art. A deli that is serving ham or sausage, a bar that is serving wine, a cafe that is serving hot coffee or cold beverages; they're also displaying some mugs and local spices on the rack "for sales".

We've ordered an Americano Coffee, an Ice-Blended Mango and a glass of Iced Lemon Juice. The coffee tastes quite okay but it's indeed quite thin. The mango is actually too thick that it becomes almost alike jelly while the lemon juice is just ordinary.

This is a high end cafe and bar that we don't really see any locals here. The ambient is very cosy and peaceful that the customers can relax in slow pace and comfort.

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