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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Stop at the Loft Stop

We're staying at the Gondola Hotel that is located at Hàng Hành, Hàng Trng in Hanoi. It's a boutique accommodation at the old quarter, with an easy access to the shopping street. I'm quite satisfied with the room and its decorations except the unfriendliness of the male receptionist that we've met in the morning of our arrival and also before our departure back to M'sia.

Lazy of walking around and we've decided to enjoy our meal at the Loft Stop Cafe that is just the street beside. We've begun with the starters, the Crab & Shrimps Soup and the Gazpacho. I like the sweetness and the strong flavour of the crab, together with the prawn in every spoonful of soup. The soup is tasty except that the powder is not mixed evenly that the granules are left behind at the base. The Gazpacho is just the perfect dish to ignite our appetite. Coming with the slightly spiciness of the bell peppers at the end of the tongue, it's refreshing and it's just marvellous!

We've then ordered the Fresh Spring Rolls, Marinated Chicken Fillet in Lemon Leaves & Olive Oil and the Club Sandwich. The spring roll is another dish that has hit us with its deliciousness. Using the pine leaves has been a wonderful idea to add the refreshing taste into the spring roll that consists of pork ham and rice vermicelli. It's anyhow tasty, with or without the dipping sauce. The marination is just to saltiness and with the slight burnt through the grilling, the chicken meat is very tender and flavourful. It's tasty on its own despite of having it with the hard and dry rice. The Club Sandwich comes with the chicken breast meat, lettuce, tomato and mustard. It's ordinary and it's indeed too plain.

We've enjoyed a satisfying meal at the Loft Stop Cafe. The waitresses are very friendly and helpful even though their English is not really fluent. A delicious meal in an unknown city, nothing else that I can complain about.

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