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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Homemade Nasi Beriani

This article is specially presented to Uncle Teng that has prepared the Nasi Beriani for LP and myself. Even though we're pushy yet he has still willingly prepared this homemade dish for us over the weekend.

The Nasi Beriani is a rice-dish that is well-known among the Muslim-Indian. The word means fried or roasted whereby the rice is traditionally prepared in an earthenware pots. Sufficient heat is needed to enhance the aroma and flavour of the special spices that are being used in this dish. One of the most important ingredients in the making of Nasi Beriani is the special rice granules that are short and fat, an example is the Basmathi Rice. A plenty of spices are being used in making a Nasi Beriani that range from chili, bay leaves, pepper, cloves, ginger, onion to garlic in order to prepare a vegetarian rice that is flavourful in both taste and aroma. If you're a meat lover, you can top it with chicken, lamb, beef, fish or prawn. A premium element is the Saffron that is meant to add an "appetizing" colour to the Nasi Beriani.

What is so special with the Nasi Beriani from Uncle Teng? He has chopped a lot of green chili and spring onions as garnishing for the Nasi Beriani. The crunchiness and freshness of these greens are adding a refreshing taste to enhance the deliciousness of the Nasi Beriani. Moreover, the chicken meat has been cooked to a softness that it goes perfectly with the Nasi Beriani. Despite the Nasi Beriani is very spicy but I love it deeply. Oh ya, this is a very healthy dish whereby it's not oily at all!

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