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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The Vietnamese Kitchen, Que Huong Toi

A Vietnamese kitchen is finally opened again in Penang, the Que Huong Toi that is located at Jalan Jelutong whereby it's just beside the Hyundai showroom. The signboard is actually quite big to be noticeable but I've indeed no news about this new place, if I'm not passing by this area. Highly recommended by Phui Yee, the food is worth for money.

We've decided to share the starters that include Cha Gio Chien正宗越南煎饼, Coi Cuon正宗越南手卷薄饼 and Nghieu Hap Xa正宗越南蒸蛤蜊. They're basically the fried popiah or spring roll, hand roll or the transparent popiah and steamed Kappa respectively. The skin of the fried spring roll is slightly too thick that it's chewy while the minced pork is a little too dry and I don't really like that the over-use of the black pepper. The sweet and sour dipping sauce is very delicious and it's very appetising to go with the fried popiah. Here, I'm definitely prefer the hand roll popiah as it's very refreshing and the sweet-based sauce goes well with the fresh ingredients such as prawn, pork slice, glass noodle and lettuce. The Kappa or the clams are cooked in a clear soup that contains a lot of lemongrass. I like the strong and nice aroma of the lemongrass except the plain clams as they're tasteless.

I've ordered the Mieng Ga越南鸡肉冬粉 as my main course. It's a soupy glass noodle that is served with tender slices of shredded chicken meat. I've enjoyed this clear soup so much as it's very appetising even it's light in taste. Elaine's bowl of Pho Bo正宗越南牛肉粿条汤 is strong in the beefy taste and smell. It's heavier in taste than my bowl of chicken soup. Su and Phui Yee have taken the Bun Bo Hue越南牛肉猪脚米粉 whereby it's a spicy and sour beef-based soup. It tastes quite refreshing yet it's indeed quite weird. The Thai Basil and the lime are meant for the girls, in order to enhance the deliciousness and refreshing taste of the beef soup.

We've decided to try the black and milky Cafe Vietnam越南咖啡 here. I still dislike the sweetness of the Vietnamese Coffee that is indeed quite weird. I prefer Su's glass of Mu Gon+Mu Chom+Hot E正宗越南果肉凉茶. It's actually very sweet but I've somehow enjoyed its special taste.

The Vietnamese food is indeed quite cheap here. We've spent only RM 15 per person for all the appetisers and main courses. It's not the best Vietnamese cuisine that I've ever tasted but this is definitely the most delicious that I've tasted in M'sia as of now...

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