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Friday, 31 January 2014

Breakfast or Lunch? Our Brunch at Outskirt of Medan

Asking the local driver of what the breakfast that Indonesians is having, we’re recommended with the Nasi Soto and being brought to the Restaurant Bahagia that is located at Tebing Tinggi Desa Kota Galuh. It must be a mis-communication with the Indonesian waitress that we’re swinging between English or Malay; is this seriously a portion of breakfast for 3pax?

We’ve ordered the Nasi Soto Ayam, a coconut-based chicken soup that is to be eaten with white rice. It’s quite similar to the Thai Green Curry Chicken except that it's not spicy and very creamy. The broth is basically boiled with the chicken bones as it contains very less chicken meat and I somehow dislike the strong "chicky" smell. It's quite tasty but the milkiness is really killing my stomach. Our brunch has turned into set meal that comes together with Curry Chicken, Assam Curry Fish Head, Curry Fish, Fried Cabbage, Water-Boiled Vegetable, Fried Anchovies with Peanuts, Prawn Crackers and Chicken Soup. The curry chicken is slightly milky yet it's thick and the spiciness has enhanced its deliciousness. The prawn crackers are quite dry but that makes up the crispiness. These are the only dishes that I can eat repeatedly.

Both of the curry fish dishes taste weird as I'm unsure if it's spicy or bitter while the fish is not fresh that the meat is very hard. The only difference between the curries is whether it’s sour Assam or non-Assam. On the other hand, the anchovy is just too salty. The rest of the dishes taste ordinary, edible without causing any issue to the stomach but none is near to the border of deliciousness!

The meal is quite expensive that it costs us a total of Rupiah 296400 that is equivalent to about RM 82. I will not spend again for such quality of food, it's not worthwhile!

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