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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Steakhouse of the Cruises

It's sad that Ah Meow is going to leave us. Yet, we're happy that she has finally found herself a new job that comes with higher salary and better benefits. We've decided to treat her to a farewell dinner at The Cruises Steakhouse that has newly opened a branch at the 1-World by Bayan Lepas area.

As a starter, we've shared the Garlic Cheese Escargot芝士烤法国蜗牛. I don't really like the soft escargot meat but the sauce is definitely tasty. It's using the mushroom based sauce that both the creaminess and saltiness go well with the tasteless escargot.

For main courses, the girls have taken the D'Cruises Snow Steak雪花牛肉 from Australia. The beef steak is offered in the categories such as R(25%), M(50%), MW(75%) or W(100%) that mean Raw, Medium, Medium Well or Well. Alternatively, it can be prepared based on customers' requirement of "done-ness". I've got the permission to take the picture of Su's plate of steak. I'm not really amazed by the taste of the beef steak here but it's still considered okay at the pricing of RM 39.90. The M(75%) is indeed too dry while the "done-ness" is not really uniform across this whole piece of beef. The steak is served with the black pepper sauce that tastes quite good. I've ordered the D'Cruise Combo Set that consists of Chicken and Prawn. The chicken has been marinated so well that the saltiness is completely absorbed into the meat. The meat is very soft and tender. The mushroom sauce is quite okay but I'll definitely opt to try the grilled chicken without any dipping sauce. I'm not so happy with the prawns as they're not so fresh whereby the meat is just too fluffy.

I'm grading the meal at The Cruises Steakhouse as normal. It's not very outstanding but it's also not too bad with its pricing and the friendly service from the Chef.

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