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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Mango Tree in Bangkok

Transit in Bangkok Airport during our home trip to Germany each year, Attila and I are looking for a meal before departing on the journey of 10 hours to Munich. Thanks to Attila to fulfil my wish to have Thai food even knowing that the spiciness may kill his stomach during the long flight.

We've chosen mango tree that has claimed as "thai cuisine at its best". They do serve sandwiches here but we're more attracted by the Thai menu. I've ordered the Gaeng Khiew Wan Gai or the Green Curry Chicken while Attila has taken the Phad Thai Goong or the Fried Thai Rice Noodle with Prawn. I'm definitely satisfied with the thick and creamy green curry but I dislike the peas as they taste hard and "powderish". The slight spiciness is just sufficient for the deliciousness of the curry that it's just not too much to damage our stomachs. Besides, I like Thailand rice for the rice aroma and its stickiness. The Phad Thai is not too dry and the tastes between the spiciness and sourness are just balanced to bring out the deliciousness of this dish. Some small disappointments, I dislike the "greenish" smell of the raw bean sprouts while Attila is unhappy with the plenty of sliced red onions. Anyway, he has still picked out the onions willingly as the fried rice noodle is indeed tasty.

They may have not been the best Thai cuisine in Thailand. But, this is definitely the best Thai food that I've ever had in Bangkok Airport and we're definitely satisfied with our meals before starting the long journey.

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