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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Nasi Lemak at Midnight

I'm noticing that this restaurant is opened only after midnight when I'm passing by the Pengkalan Weld over the weekends. It has triggered my curiosity to give it a try especially to see the crowd that is queueing up at midnight to buy the rice. Isn't it a heavy supper?

It's called Xen Teck Cafe緣德茶餐室 and I remember that it's located nearby the Tan Jetty. The stall is actually selling the Chinese-Style Economic Rice whereby we can choose either the white rice白飯 or the Nasi Lemak椰漿飯 that is then to be topped with various dishes such as chicken, pork, fish or egg. Attila feels a little disappointed that they serve neither fried anchovies, peanuts nor Sambal that are supposed to be seen for a traditional Nasi Lemak. Anyway, we've decided to try by sharing the Nasi Lemak that is put with Fried Mantis Prawn, Hard-boiled Egg, Roasted Pork in Dark Soy Sauce and Fried Chicken Wing. All the dishes are quite delicious but not really very outstanding. I like the nice aroma of the coconut milk in the Nasi Lemak and I think that the owner is using young coconut milk that the rice is very appetising and refreshing. I've asked for the Chicken Curry as the topping sauce. It's indeed slightly salty yet the thick sauce is really delicious.

I'm satisfied that I've finally tried the Nasi Lemak here. It's not really very special yet this is an appetising meal to fill the hunger after a drinking night. Well, it depends also on your stomach if it's "strong" enough to accept the coconut milk at night!

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