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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Introduce Myself to Ungarische Langosch

I've nearly forgotten to write about this traditional Ungarische snack that I've tasted during the Mittel Alter Markt or the Middle Aged Market festival in Regensburg; people call it as Langosch.

Langosch is made from the flour whereby the dough that has been pressed into thin sheet is then fried before being served in your choices of favourite toppings. Langosch can be served either as sweet dessert such as with sugar, jam or as salty meal with cheese or sour cream. Melinda has shown me the way to eat Langosch in original Hungarian style that consists of sour cream, cheese and paprika sauce. For the past 29years, I've hated paprika so much that I'll never try any single sip of paprika but... I like the Langosch with the paprika sauce. Ungarische Langosch is kind of a heavy food that is quite oily and thus it's good to have the paprika sauce to neutralize the fatness in this special bread.
My understanding Boyfriend has been laughing about me that has started to like paprika because of Langosch. May this acceptance only be limited to Germany? Deutschland has better soil to plant a tasty paprika that can suit my taste ;)

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