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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

My First Time to Dark Bier, at Weltenburg Kloster

Weltenburg Kloster is a monastery that is located by the Danube, near to Kellheim town. Travelling with the ferry across the Danube and passing the most famous 'Danube Narrows' to reach the abbey, I've indeed enjoyed a beautiful scenery along the river bank.

Wondering what you can do at Kloster Weltenburg? Well, eating and drinking here. Don't miss out to try the dark bier here, from the Weltenburg Brauerei. Dark Bier or as well known as Dunkel, is the clear black beer that is a little bitter and stronger in taste yet very smooth through the throat. Most people including myself like Dark Bier because it doesn't make me feeling full as how the Weissbier or wheat beer will cause. Additionally, I've ordered a Schweinhaxe to go with my beer. The size of the Pork Knuckle here is quite small and it's rather expensive. Oh ya, the restaurant is called Klosterschenke! It's alike fast-food concept here whereby the Sauerkraut has been prepared in advanced and my meal has indeed being served within 5minutes. It's cold and chewy, I really don't like the Schweinhaxe here.
Kloster Weltenburg is a tourist destination that you've to expect to spend some money here. Anyway, I guess I'm still grateful to enjoy the nice scenery of the Danube and the superb Dark Bier here.
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