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Saturday, 17 July 2010

Chaw Choon Dim Sum; the main spot in the Morning

Restaurant Chaw Choon is a famous Dim Sum place that is well-known in B'worth whereby people will start to gather early in the morning for a Dim Sum feast with family. The main shop is at Kampung Benggali that is nearby the ferry port while I prefer the branch shop at Raja Uda area as it's newer and cleaner.

They serve a large variety of Dim Sum that I don't know which to start with. My first temptation always goes to the Prawn Dumplings. I don't know how to name the prawn dumplings, what I know is that 虾烧卖 is normally stuffed with the mixture of chopped prawn and meat while 虾饺 is rich with the big prawn inside the transparent dumpling skin.

Besides, we've also ordered the Meat Dumpling烧卖, Stuffed Meat Tofu酿豆腐 and Seaweed Meat Roll with Crab Filament蟹柳紫菜卷. I don't really fancy into these meaty dumplings but I do like the soft and smooth Tofu in the thick soy sauce. The sauce is just-to-taste to compliment the tasteless Tofu.
There's too many fried Dim Sum for us to choose from, but we've only tried the Prawn Roll虾卷 and Carrot Cake罗卜糕. Everyone likes the prawn roll for its crispiness but it's somehow very oily and certainly unhealthy for over-eating. I ban the carrot cake here as it's very oily and overly too soft.

My Boyboy's all-time-favourite is always the Char Siew Pau叉烧包. The meat ingredient is fried with the dark soy sauce and it's moist enough but the flour dough is too sticky.
I'll not grade Chaw Choon Dim Sum as delicious, but I do agree that they've a wide selection of choices that is just perfect for a morning gathering with family or friends.

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