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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Story of River Fish, Part I: Restoran Kolam Ikan

I'm born and fed with the fresh ocean fish and I've to admit that I hate river fish for its soil taste; till someday... I'm introduced to the river fish in Kulim, Kedah.

Restoran Kolam Ikan is specializing in river fish and it's located deep into the forest of Sg. Kob area. I've to admit that it's an adventurous journey to pass by the narrow rocky roads. The river fish is prepared and cooked freshly here whereby the owner has setup their own feeding ponds around the restaurant. It's an amazing scene that we've reached the pond during the lunch time, looking at the pool of fish rob against their food.
It's all about river fish... Our first dish is the Fried Patin fish in Soy Sauce. Patin fish is having a thick layer of meat and skin that is very rich in fish oil. That makes Patin meat is more compact and oily. Followed by is the Sweet and Sour 'Jin Feng金凤' fish that has been fried till golden crispy. I like the appetizing sweet and sour sauce that is full of chopped onions and chili. Our last dish is the Steamed Pak Sukong fish. The fish is garnished with the mashed ginger, to add freshness to every single bite by reducing the soil taste in the meat itself. In my opinion, Pak Sukong's meat is softer and smoother than Patin. Actually, more people prefer Pak Sukong as it's not too oily.

My sensitive tongue is still resisting the soil smell that exists originally in the river fish itself. However, tasting river fish is a different experience that you should explore it.

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