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Friday, 11 July 2014

So... Lizzie is indeed Busy!

A nice spot to sit down on a nice Summer afternoon, the corner is belonged to Vlijtig Liesje. In other words, the restaurant is named upon the the founder whom is Liesje. They're apparently a big franchise company in Netherlands. I'm wandering around the Eindhoven town before I'm attracted by the greenish trees and bushes that I've decided to relax down my tiring feet.

Not really a plenty of beers that I can choose from, I've taken the Affligem Dark Beer that is originated from Africa. The 300 mL bottle contains 6.8% of alcohol yet it's not bitter. The beer is smooth and it's an easy drink but the ending is actually quite empty.

An easy and simple meal, I've taken the Stokbroodje B.L.T or the baguette with bacon, salad and tomato. There's possibility to choose between the white or brown baguette and I've of course chosen the healthier one. Despite that pork bacon has always been my favourite choice for bread, but the fat is indeed quite sinful. It's a little weird that to use Mayonnaise as the base because its milkiness doesn't match the saltiness of the bacon. The baguette is quite chewy and the portion is as well too much for myself alone, I've then decided to finish only the bacon and also the delicious solid cheese that has been mixed with Pesto sauce.

I'm surveying the orders by the other customers and I think that to enjoy a cold beer with some snacks will be the best matches during the sunny days. My sandwich is not really great but my heart is warmed by the friendliness of the waitress.

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