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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Who's Bryan; Your place for Coffee & Cuisine

Who's Bryan... This is a restaurant in Raja Uda that they serve coffee and cuisine. The restaurant is named upon the owner; to give a deep impression to draw people's attention and to attract new customers.
Who's Bryan is an open-concept restaurant whereby the doors are actually 'opened' or more accurate to claim as they don't have doors. Black, white and orange are used as the theme colors; creating a bright and clear contrast inside the restaurant. This is a modern style of dining area, surrounded with the see-through glass. I'm attracted by such combinations of colors and materials to enhance the space visually and to create a relaxing corner to laze around. However, just a small advice that the restaurant maybe a little bit 'warmer' during afternoon time due to this open-concept.
Who's Bryan offers you with the seats inside the restaurant, outside area along the corridor or there is also a closed corner that suits for a small gathering or private chat. I love the concept of the closed corner, especially the curtain; as it's so much suitable to plan a 'ladies' private chat' to talk bad about the guys ;)

No doubt that we've to try their coffee-based drinks and we've chosen a cappuccino and a brew coffee. Personally, I think that the cappuccino is too milky as the taste of milk is too strong and covers the aroma of the coffee while the brew coffee doesn't really smell fantastic when the coffee seeds seem to be over-boiled.

Our starter is a mixed forest mushroom soup. I'm first attracted by the wonderful dark, black color of the soup as the thought of 'are they using black buttom mushroom?' start to wander in my mind. The first spoon tastes weird as the chef seems to have used some herbs to create a 'special' taste to the mushroom soup but this is definitely a not to be missed order as every spoon is rich of the chopped mushroom. The soup is smooth and yet not too creamy, especially with the fried bread cubes to add on a little crispiness.

Come to the main course, we're recommended with the Who's Crumbly Chicken; the chicken meat is coated with corn flakes before it's fried till golden crispy, then with the drips of mushroom sauce on top and being completed with the side dishes of french fries, coleslaw and fresh vegetable. The cornflakes are not only for crispiness but also maintaining the juiciness and tenderness of the chicken. Will it be tastier if the cornflakes are mashed into smaller pieces? For an easy cut during dining and to enhance the aroma of the cornflakes. The just-to-taste sauce matches nicely with the chicken and you'll find some mushroom pieces in it. I've ordered a Cheese Baked Bolognese Spaghetti. This is in fact a red sauce chicken spaghetti with additional cheese toppings to be pre-baked before serving. The cheese is an extra bonus to add on a nice aroma and to compliment the sourness of the tomato sauce. Every spoon is a mouthful tiny chopped chicken meat and tomato cubes.

Lastly, a sweet dessert to fulfill my desire. The thick chocolate powder on top of the Tiramisu has indeed balanced up the sweetness of the cake and cream. It's a nice cake to go with your coffee but not the most delicious Tiramisu to expect for.
Who's Bryan does provide an excellent service with a variety of averagely good food that you can perhaps consider here for your next gathering...

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  1. the owner, yes. the chef, NO. Mr.Bryan stole recipes. that`s how the world works. The rich steals and claim ownership over stolen goods. in this case, its recipes. right down to the details. and menu. fucking hilarious to claim his own.