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Sunday, 30 May 2010

A salute to my Mom's new creation, the homemade Potato Cake

Purple and yellow, guess what are these? Are you stunned by the bright color? Dare for a try ;)

This is my mom's homemade potato cake. The color is naturally from the potato itself, without any artificial colorings or preservatives. Firstly, the purple and yellow potatoes that the skins have been peeled-off are steamed, to soften the potatoes before pressing into mashed potatoes. Then, the mashed potatoes are mixed with the correct portion of coconut milk and some salt as the seasoning before pouring it into the steaming mold. The last step is to cook the mixture of potatoes on a steaming pot.
For the detailed recipe, have to refer to my mom then ;)

I like the potato cake a lot; for its chewiness and the natural sweetness of potatoes. The addition of coconut milk does enhance the aroma of the potatoes.

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