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Thursday, 1 April 2010

Please be seated, the DR will attend to you shortly!

How you feel to be inside a clinic? Scare of the doctor? Worry to be injected? Themed 'Clinic' is a cafe that I've chosen to dine in for my dinner, located at Bandar Sunway Seberang Jaya. From outside, the red and white building is purely the symbol of rescue team, it does remind me about 'Bulan Sabit Merah'.

First stepping into the cafe, weird... The waitress whom greets us is a nurse. Actually, every waiters or waitresses are dressed up like the medical rescue teams. Everything is decorated in red or white, with the big '+' symbol that reminds me about rescue, safety, clinic... The amazing part is the decoration items that they've used to theme this cafe, just like a clinic; the injection needles, the diagram of human body, the wheelchair, the container that is used to store the spoon, fork and cutting knife or even the lighting, it's just alike the operation room.
Boyboy has chosen an 'iced cappuccino' while mine is a 'mix fruit yogurt ice blended'. I don't know what have they mixed for me till I get this orange-colored ice blended, what I can taste is the strong aroma of passion fruit but none of the sourness of yogurt, as I want it to be.

Coming to the food, it's out of my imagination that they serve it inside the metal plates whereby in a real clinic, DR will use it to put their operation knife or needle. I've ordered the 'Doctor & Patient', for its special name. It's actually a western food platter of ham, sausages, french fries, a small corn and some vegetable. These are readily frozen food that the taste is neither to be complaint nor to be great about, except that the ham is very thick. I'm kind of dislike that but it's a specialty to my Boyboy whom is a 'meaty' person. My Boyboy has chosen a 'Chicken Cutler' that comes together with some french fries and corn. OMG, the portion is very big and the meat is very thick either. Anyway, the tenderness of the chicken meat is still being locked inside the thick breadcrumbs that have been fried till golden color. I like how they style up the chili sauce, inside the injection tube. Well, it's great to hold on the injection tube and imagining myself as the nurse ;)

I'm a big-eater, so I've asked for a side-order of fried spring rolls that comes in 6 mini rolls. I'm still attracted to the way how the spring rolls are being served, with the red 'bloody' chili sauce inside the injection tube. The ingredient inside the spring roll is delicious, with a nice aroma but it turns out to be little bit too salty for me.

The dessert menu is very limited. They serve only ice-cream, either chocolate or vanilla. I've chosen the chocolate flavour, being served with some M&M chocolate on top, just as a sweet closing ceremony to my dinner.

Clinic Cafe is located at the same row as Roxbury pub, just opposite the Billion Supermarket at Bandar Sunway in Butterworth. If you're an midnight crawler, you can watch the live singing show on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night till 3am in the morning. Overall, the price is not so cheap and the food is not very delicious either. The menu is kind of limited here, I think mainly it's due to the newly opening. Anyway, it's a special place that is worth to experience in your lifetime.

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