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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Edelweiss, does it remind you to 'The Sound of Music'?

'Edelweiss', a white flower that is found high in the Alps. In 'The Sound of Music', the song 'Edelweiss' is sang by the Captain Von Trapp; the defiant statement of Austrian patriotism in the face of pressure to put him into the navy of Nazi Germany.

'Edelweiss' Cafe is located at Armenian Street, the corner house of the old historical building. The decoration inside the restaurant is very traditionally unique; a large round clock on the wall, the metal fan, a big-chained clock tower standing in the middle of the dining area, the lanterns on the ceiling, a wooden dressing table with the black-and-white ancestors' pictures, every marble table is matched with the wooden chairs and at the centre hall, is the wooden bar area with a wide selection of beers or liquors. Here is very quiet and I do enjoy the peaceful ambient.

My starter is a colorful garden salad that consists of red cherry tomatoes, green cucumber, red and green pepper, purple cabbage and it's garnished with the appetizing sweet and sour sauce; I guess it's some sort of Sacha sauce with vinegar? We've never forgotten to ask for the soup of the day; the thick and creamy mushroom soup. The black button mushroom is giving a natural blackish color to the soup itself. Every spoon is rich of the chopped mushroom and every single bites in the mouth is spread with the strong aroma of the wild mushroom. One point of difference, the soup is more starchy and thicker than any restaurants outside whereby it tends to make people feeling fullness. Please share the portion, so you can allocate some space in your stomach for the main course ;)
We've ordered a sausage platter that comes with salad and french fries. The German sausage is almost 8" inch long and it's garnished with chili sauce and some curry powder that has given an Indian-alike influence to this dish. The sausage is solid yet it's tender and the portion is enough to feed my Boyboy and I.
The recommended dessert, I've chosen the famous apple flan with a cup of Madras coffee. A heart-shape is created on the coffee with some chocolate powder. The bitterness of the chocolate powder is neutralizing the sweetness of the milky coffee. Every single slices of the apple is arranged nicely rounded the pie and every bites is crunchy with the just-to-taste sweetness of cream to melt in the mouth. My Boyboy takes the ice-cream, with a strong aroma and mouthful taste of mango's sweetness.

'Edelweiss' as its name; an exquisite place with a cozy environment to spend the day here...

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