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Friday, 19 March 2010

It's 'Spring'... Looks normal yet warm to be there!

Lack of ideas on where to head for dinner. Finally, we've decided E-Gate whereby there are huge selection of restaurants that we can headache on the food of the night.

Spring 春稻, what a warm name that has attracted my attention! Actually, it's the signboard with bunch of words and photos that have caught my eyes. Well, not a waste to try a new restaurant. Step into the restaurant, I'm really wanting to bring home the small white drawer with the fan on top. I like white color; the set of the table and fan is creating a contrast to the wooden cupboard behind, it is alike the elegant and ancient Europe's style of decoration.

At the center of the restaurant, there is a big blackboard written with the name of the restaurant 'Spring'. I like their concept of using white color as the background, include the ceiling; creating a comfortable and cozy ambient that people will love to spend time here. But, I'm wondering if they can re-arrange the tables as I'm there on the eve of public holiday and I find it being too packed.
Our starter for the night is the Fried 'Mantou' with Curry Chicken. 'Mantou' is made from flour and it can be either steamed or fried. Traditionally, Chinese will make 'Mantou' as field rations, to eat when they're on long journey. 'Mantou' is a type of carbohydrate that is nice to eat even on itself. Nothing much to be complaint about when the strong curry taste is completing the 'Mantou'. Anyway, I dislike the aroma of the herbs inside.

The main courses of the night are 'Assam Curry Fish', 'Clay pot Japanese Tofu in Shark Fin soup' and 'Lemon Sauce Fried Chicken'.

I'm in love with the 'Assam Curry Fish' for its spiciness and sourness. It's a clear soup, neither thick nor starchy yet the taste and aroma is strong. I do enjoy the moment when the thin slices of the 'bite-size' fish is melting in my mouth. Every spoon is a mouth-watering meat with the spicy 'Assam' soup.

A clay pot of tofu in shark fin sou
p in such restaurant, I bet your main concern will be the pricing, right? Well, it costs only RM12.90 and the portion is enough for 3pax. With some broccoli, carrot and tomato inside; this is definitely a choice of healthy pot.

Please don't highly expect the 'Lemon Sauce Fried Chicken'. To me, this is a tasteless chicken chop with a bitter lemon sauce that costs me RM9.90, expensive! Mom comments that the bitterness of the sauce is due to it's over-heated.

Talking on the part of vegetables, we've ordered the fresh 'Xiao Bai Cai 小白菜 in Soy Sauce'; just nice in the light soy sauce. We've also tried the 'Shitake mushroom in Butter Sauce', a nice appearance of the cute small mushrooms in a plate. Anyway, this dish is not to my taste as frying with butter is adding on the oiliness and make me feeling very full.

Last but not least, the dessert. We've chosen the 'White fungus with Apple' and 'Glutinous Rice Ball with Peanut'. White fungus is good for beauty, so it's always preferred by ladies. The glutinous rice balls are filled with black sesame paste and being served inside the peanut soup. Look, how full is the black sesame paste inside the thin glutinous rice... And, the warm filling is releasing a nice aroma of the black sesame. A little improvement to enhance the elasticity, if they can reduce the boiling time of the glutinous rice balls for another 2minutes. The most important is, the dessert here is not too sweet.

I'll recommend 'Spring' for family or friends' gathering because the portion of the food here is nice for sharing purpose and the price is not too expensive either. However, I'm wishing if they can further improve the arrangements inside the restaurant as it's kind of messy somehow. It will be nicer if the chef can refine the taste of few dishes, for customers' satisfaction.

Oh ya, if you're looking for healthy bread from 'Rainforest Bakery' that is located at Chulia Street, but concerning the lack of parking spaces there, you can buy the bread here.

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