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Monday, 1 March 2010

Typical Breakfast for 'Alor Setarian'... Is it too full for you?

It's been a long break that I don't update my blog already. Sorry if I've kept everyone waiting. Well, just changing to a new job and I'm just too tired after the work and coupled with the slow Internet connection; Haha... M I giving excuse ;)

Now, I'll introduce the typical breakfast that Alor Setar people are always favour in, it's called 'Cai Pu fish' or steamed fish with dried radish. The dried radish is fried till golden colour and with the added 'cili padi', it enhances the aroma and flavour by creating a perfect match of spiciness to the sweet dried radish. This fried mixture of dried radish with 'cili padi' is then poured on top of the pre-steamed fish. I hear the very little crispiness of the dried radish, the on-and-off bites of the 'cili padi' and the freshness of the fish itself, this is a nice breakfast.

I dislike this bitter gourd soup with pork rib as it tastes too bitter. The pork rib doesn't give any sweetness to the soup, it must have been either the pork rib is too little or the slow boiling time is too short. The fried 豆苗 'Dou Miao' or green bean sprout will be nicer if it's less oily. Anyway, my dad loves the plenty chopped garlics inside. We've ordered another famous vegetable dish here, that is called 'Fried Kangkong'. My family has tried 'fried Kangkong' in many places before and we love the one that they're serving here. The flour is not too thick and it's not too oily either. Do have a try on this crispy 'Kangkong'.
The 红烧豆腐 'Hong Shao Japanese Tofu' is a normal dish that you can find in any restaurant. Make it a supplement dish to add on some protein to your meal.

Don't be surprised if your Alor Setar friend brings you to this steamed fish as your breakfast. This is just one of our way to start an energetic day. Before I've forgotten, this famous 'Cai Pu fish' is available in 'JY Hoe Restaurant' in Taman Habsah.

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