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Friday, 24 December 2010

To the End of the World; Dining at the 'Fishing Village'

Fishing Village is a seafood restaurant that you'll find it at the Teluk Bahang area. This is how we like to say 'To the end of the world for Seafood' and this is definitely our old place. Going by Franky's jeep; I do enjoy the strong wind and nice scenery along the way.

What should we eat here? Let's start with the vegetable whereby we've ordered the Homemade Tofu with Mushroom and the Fried Broccoli with Mixed Seafood. I dislike the Tofu as the sauce is too slimy and what I feel worse is the stickiness that has made the mushroom tastes so awful. Nothing that is so special about the Broccoli except that the chef has put in a lot of seafood such as prawn, squid and fish meat. By the way, they're medium-sized; it means they're larger than what you can have in standard restaurant.

Our first dish is the Fried Squid that I think that they've been fried too long in the oil and I dislike the feeling to chew the squid hardly that I really need strong teeth. Furthermore, I'll prefer if the fried squid is added with some spices or if it's saltier. Followed by is the Kung Po style Fried Mantis Prawn. Frying the Mantis Prawn in Kung Po style of dark soy sauce with some dried chili for spiciness does fit my appetite, especially that I'm a Mantis Prawn supporter for no matter how it's being served.
Our main dishes for the night are the Black Pepper Tiger Prawn and the Fried Red Snapper with Butter Lemon Sauce. I enjoy the compact meat of these big-sized tiger prawns. The thick black pepper sauce is being absorbed completely by the fresh prawns and I love the juiciness and tenderness of the meat with the strong black pepper taste to spread in my mouth. Fried fish is mainly to cater my picky boyfried whom doesn't eat steamed fish at all. I've to say that the butter lemon sauce tastes special as it's giving a little saltiness, sourness but also sweetness to the fried fish. Anyway, I don't really like this fried fish dish as the fish is not as fresh as what we can have for steaming.

The last dish to fill our hunger is the Fried Noodle. Luckily, the mixed seafood that I can find inside the noodle is enough to compensate the disappointment that I have towards the noodle that has been over-cooked. The noodle is too soft and thus making it tastes very slimy.

I don't really put a high compliment towards the food in Fishing Village but surprisingly, the restaurant is always full with crowd. It's either we've ordered the wrong dishes or it's just because people come here for the famous name only?!! Whatever, I'll be really glad if the waiters or waitresses can wear more smiles on their faces.

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