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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Homemade Pasta; Thanks to the Chef Franky

It's always relaxing when you don't need to cook and there's someone to serve you a nice meal; here comes our chef Franky that has prepared his special homemade pasta for our dinner.

Oh, it's so annoying that Franky doesn't want to share the secret recipe with us. It's a meat-based sauce that is mainly with beef, chopped onions and tomato cubes. The sauce is a little bit alike Bolognese but it doesn't have strong sourness from the tomato and in fact, it's a bit more milky. I guess the chef must have added some whipped cream or yogurt to create such smooth and creamy texture? Personally, I prefer it to be saltier. Well, maybe I should put in more Parmesan Cheese. The Spaghetti is perfect, neither too hard nor over-cooked. Franky has mixed some butter into the Spaghetti, so that they don't stick together in the bowl.

I do enjoy this delicious homemade pasta from Franky. It may not be as good as or as elegant as what you've in restaurant, but the taste does fit my appetite. To my surprise is, he can really cook well.

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